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S. Morris Eames, Pragmatic Naturalism (1977) 
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​Pragmatic Naturalism

​This site is developed by D. S. Clarke, Professor Emeritus at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Clarke's published writings include Practical Inferences (1985), Principles of Semiotic (1987), Rational Acceptance and Purpose (1988), Philosophy's Second Revolution (1997), Sign Levels (2003),
Some Pragmatist Themes ​(2007), and, most recently, an eBook version of a recently revised Essays on Pragmatic Naturalism (revised 2017). For links to all books and articles go to Philosophical Papers.

   Various aspects of pragmatism and nonreductive naturalism are developed in these writings. In the most recent 2017 Essays​, Clarke maintains that philosophical controversies arise from attempts to extend the scopes of the principal forms of discourse—what are referred as “discourse frameworks”—beyond their proper boundaries. A version of pragmatic naturalism incorporating advances in linguistic analysis of the 20th century provides the basis for a philosophical system in which these controversies can be understood by the general reading public.  This is accomplished through pragmatism's focus on practical inferences, inferences combining descriptive and expressive premisses with normative conclusions.​​